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Yuchen Sun

I design with a purpose:

innovating for users, society, and the world.

Design isn't solely visual;

it's also critical and impactful.

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Award Winner

User Experience Award - Adobe Academic Achievement Award


One Gold Award - West VA American Advertising Award 

Four Silver Awards - West VA American Advertising Award

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Artistic Researcher

California College of the Arts 

- San Francisco, California, U.S.

- 2018 - 2020

- Master of Fine Arts

Liberty University

- Lynchburg, Virginia, U.S.

- 2012 - 2016

- Becholar of Fine Arts

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Researcher and Aurthor

Analysis of the Guiding Role of Higher Education Regulations in Ensuring Students’Right to Fair Evaluation

•ISSN 1672-1128 and CN 11-4998/G4

•Publisher: Basic Education 

publication source

Research on Interaction Design of

Interactive Libraries in Universities

•ISSN 2096-2157 and CN 11-9124/G

•Publisher: Basic Education in China

publication source


O! Miss U.

- Author and Designer

- Blurb ISBN-13: 978-1389649332

- Published: 2017

A Gift from BEAR

- Author and Designer

- Blurb ISBN-13: 978-1389652837

- Published: 2017

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Professional Collaborator

Wuhan Qingchuan University

2020 - Present

- Department Chair of Industrial Design

- Wuhan, China

• Develop and shape the curriculum.

• Design management and professional preparation.

• Ensure educational excellence.

• Define the mission of the department in alignment

with the College’s mission and strategic plan.

California College of the Arts

- 2018 - 2020

- Teaching Assistant

- San Francisco, California

Compiled and designed book of course materials for print.

Led small group discussions regarding current issues in design.

Electronic equipment set up.




Design Skinz 

- 2015 - 2020

- Graphic Designer

- Lynchburg, VA, United States of America

·Designs, prints and creates digital media.

·Illustrates product mock-ups for clientele.

·Contributes to production of daily design content.

VIPKID Online English Learning Institutions

- 2018

- Design Director

- Beijing, China

·Designed layout and published books in English and Chinese.

·Collaborated with UX Team testing company apps.

·Translator for international teams.

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