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IF and RedDotDesign Award Submittion

As a common environmentally friendly material, used coffee grounds have been found to have more uses besides being used as fertilizer. One of them is as a raw material for 3D printing. The emergence of Re-Grounding provides coffee lovers with a new way to turn used coffee grounds into useful tools. Dump the used coffee grounds from the top and click on the screen to select the 3D model you want to print. Re-Grounding presses the ingredients such as corn starch, xanthan gum, water and sawdust to be thoroughly mixed with coffee grounds to become the raw materials for 3D printing. Then output the material from the nozzle and start 3D printing.


What is it for?

Re-Grounding is a environmentally friendly 3D printing machine that transfer used coffee grounds into useful 3D models. It offers plenty model options in the system that users can choose from the touch screen.


What problem does it solve?

  1. It solves the problem of continuous waste of used coffee grounds as an environmentally friendly material.

  2. It solves the trouble and waste problem of users needing to frequently purchase new tools.

What's the benefit for the user?

  1. It provides users with an environmentally friendly and convenient way to obtain the tools they need.

  2. The intelligent service system saves users the time of learning and using Re-Grounding. The printable model will be automatically updated in the system, and the remaining amount of printing material will also be prompted.

  3. Users will feel proud to be involved in environmentally friendly actions.


Why should the jury award it?

  1. From a Creative perspective: Re-Grounding not only meets the daily needs of users, but also combines the concept of environmental protection.

  2. From the perspective of Design Skills:

  1. The appearance design of the product meets the aesthetic standards of the target users.

  2. The combination of glass and metal materials reflects the high quality and environmentally friendly properties of the product.

  3. The design of the Re-Grounding's internal structure is very comprehensive and detailed, in line with the working principle of 3D printers.

  1. From a User Experience perspective: 

  1. The use process is very simple and convenient. Users only need to dump used coffee grounds and select a print model.

  2. The automatic cleaning function of Re-Grounding helps save users time and improves the user experience of using the product.

  1. From the perspective of Artificial Intelligence: Printable models will be continuously updated in the system, providing users with more choices. When the four other materials used for printing are insufficient, the system will remind the users, and provide them with one-click ordering services.

What makes it unique compared to similar projects?


The Re-Grounding process only requires two steps, which is more efficient and intelligent. The Re-Grounding service system meets the needs of automation and humanization.The Re-Grounding exterior design is more in line with modern people’s aesthetics and can be better integrated into the home environment. The design of the internal structure of the Re-Grounding not only takes into account the mixing requirements of different materials, but also meets the requirements for automatic cleaning of internal pipelines and material output.


In conclusion, most people are aware of environmental protection, but the methods of environmental protection are usually simple and boring. Re-Grounding provides users with an interesting, convenient and intelligent way to participate in environmental protection.

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